Powergame Online

Liliane Lijn


Powergame Online has been commissioned by Bronac Ferran for the exhibition Games Artists Play during the Visualise Festival 2012 in Cambridge.

Powergame Online will be played Thursday 5th July 2012 from 5pm - 8pm


All non-players are encouraged to vote for what they believe is the most powerful word, taking into consideration the tweeted arguments of the Players.
You can watch all aspects of the game on the website www.powergameonline.com until the MC asks for VOTING to begin.
Then log in to your Twitter account and tweet your vote as follows:

@powergameonline #word you think is most powerful i.e. @powergameonline #energy

You can watch the votes being tallied on the website www.powergameonline.com.
Voting is over when the MC announces END OF ROUND (1,2 etc) THE MOST POWERFUL WORD IS ----. MC then announces next Round.


  • During the Game, keep Twitter open to play.
  • The game lasts three hours, however, Players can participate for any length of time within the given period.
  • Only registered Players can choose and defend their choice for the most powerful word.
  • To register as a Player, please send an email or direct tweet to liliane@lilianelijn.com @lilianelijn or karen_lobban@hotmail.com @karen_lobban. Next, follow @powergameonline. You will be followed back and added to the twitter list within the account. Thereby registering you as a player.
  • Players can still register once the game has begun. They will be included in the next round.
  • During the Game, keep Twitter open to play.
  • To see all Players’ choices and arguments for their chosen word, go to www.powergameonline.com and keep this website open.
  • All tweets when playing Powergame Online should always begin with: @powergameonline. This will prevent spamming your timeline.
  • Anyone on Twitter, with the exception of the Players, can vote for the most powerful word once MC calls for votes.
  • MC @powergameonline is the Master of Ceremonies and will guide and conduct the Game.

Step 1.

Log in on your Twitter Account.
MC @powergameonline will deal and announce the wordcards:
e.g. "New Words: energy split atom"
The words will be visible at the top of the webpage under the MC column and on Twitter @powergameonline.
Three words will be randomly dealt and displayed per round, i.e: energy split atom
Three new words will appear at each round of the game, changing the colours of the wordcards on the website.

Step 2.

MC @powergameonline will announce: CHOOSE YOUR MOST POWERFUL WORD AND STATE WHY.
If you decide ENERGY is the most powerful word your tweet should start like this:
@powergameonline #energy ‘your argument’
i.e. @powergameonline #energy stuff matter is made of, energy creates atom.

Only need to use # once in front of your chosen word.
All of the tweets for each word will appear both on the Twitter timeline for @powergameonline and the web page www.powergameonline in columns, each under the wordcard being defended.

Step 3.

One or two minutes later MC will announce: GENERAL PUBLIC VOTE NOW FOR THE MOST POWERFUL WORD

  • Mention @powergameonline
  • Prefix your word with # i.e. #energy. Without the # the word will not show.

The tweeting public who are following the live game on the website or Twitter are encouraged to vote now for what they believe to be the most powerful word based on the Players arguments.

  • Only one vote per person please. Players are advised not to vote.

As votes come in, they are automatically distributed under the three words on the webpage. If only one word receives all the votes, only that word will show numbers.

Step 4.

MC announces: END OF ROUND (1,2,3 etc) THE MOST POWERFUL WORD IS ENERGY. This round is now over and the most powerful word is the word that has received the largest number of votes. A new Round begins.

Please be patient in between rounds as it may take a few minutes for the MC to shuffle and deal the next set of cards for the next round.

The MC will signal the end of the game by announcing all the winning words of each round i.e. MC: GAME 2 OF POWERGAMEONLINE IS OVER. THE MOST POWERFUL WORDS TODAY ARE: ENERGY WARM AGE ANIMAL ME NOW